TOE LIBRARY: Information of Room

We are pleased that you spend a peaceful time here, preare your mind & body, and nurture your “importance & dearest” for taking a light step towards tomorrow.

【Room 2F(Superior Studio)

・Room size: about 40㎡
・Capacity :up to 5 people
・Bed size: 2 double beds, 1 sofa bed

This room is inspired by furniture and a book lover’s hideaway on the outskirts of Paris. There is a geometric ceiling light designed by an artist from France and a vintage Danish bookshelf. We collected unique and beautiful items from all over the world.

【Room №3 (Superior Apartment)

・Room size: about 35㎡
・Capacity :up to 5 people
・Bed size: 2 double beds, 1 sofa bed

This room is inspired by a movie theater in a port town in England. The centerpiece of this space is an old wood table remade from a wooden reel used in British sailboats, and a rattan lamp that casts a beautiful shade on the ceiling when lit in the dark. You can enjoy the feeling of being in a movie theater while relaxing in bed.

【Room №5(Superior Suite)】

Room size: about 45㎡
Capacity :up to 5 people
Bed size :2 double beds, 1 sofa bed

This room is inspired by a room full of favorites inherited by a grandson who loves antiques in an old folk house in a mountainous area in northern Italy. With a terracotta pink wall as a symbol, the room is decorated with rattan lighting that emits soft light, a vintage table born in England, and a shell lamp inherited from an inn in Kyoto. Spend a peaceful time with miscellaneous goods and accessories from all over the world.

【Room №7(Superior Double)】

Room size: about 25㎡
Capacity :up to 2 people
Bed size: 1 double bed

This room is inspired by Finnish forests and lakes.
The emerald green walls and wooden shelves model on a rich forest and lake.
The lighting named “Here Comes the Sun” designed by architect Bertrand Ballas.
It creates fantastic atmosphere like the moon and sun reflected on the surface of the lake.
We would like you to stay in this room even for one person.
Please forget about your daily life and spend a peaceful time here.


(1)The time of Check-in/out

・Check-in :3pm-10pm*
・Check-out: 11am
・Late night check-in charge:+3,000yen per hour(after 10pm)
*If you check-in after 10pm, we ask you to pay “Late night check-in charge”.

(2)Extension of time
・Early check-in +2,000 yen* per hour (after 1pm)
・Late check-out +2,000 yen* per hour (up to 1pm)
*This case is 1person or 2peoplei n a room.
If you are over 3people, we ask you to pay +3,000yen per hour.
**If you would like to extend the time, please contact us by the day before.
We may not be able to accept your request depending on the reservation status.

(3)Parking information
We do not have a parking lot in our facility.
Please use coin-operated parking space nearby.

【Room facilities

・Wash basin
・Air conditioner
・Valuables locker
・Refrigerator (with freezer)
・Electric pot
・Wine glass
・Wine opener
・iPhone projector adapter
・Android projector adapter
・Blu-ray/DVD player (TV available)
・CD player
・Original select CD
・Polaroid camera (with 10 films)
・Pencil/Colored pencil
・Letter paper


・Bath towel
・Body towel
・Body soap (北麓草水-Hokuroku Sousui)
・Shampoo (北麓草水-Hokuroku Sousui)
・Conditioner (北麓草水-Hokuroku Sousui)
・Bath salts (KNEIPP)
・Face wash (MUJI)
・Cleansing oil (北麓草水-Hokuroku Sousui)
・Hair rubber
・Lotion/moist lotion (北麓草水-Hokuroku Sousui)
・Lotion/moist emulsion (北麓草水-Hokuroku Sousui)
・Body spray (Aesop)
・Tooth paste
・Hand soap (北麓草水-Hokuroku Sousui)
・Hand sanitizer
・Ice bucket
・Ice tongs

*Please kindly note that each brand may be subject to change without notice notice due to changes by each company.

Rental items

・Hair iron
・Ironing board
・Yoga mat
・Rental bike : +3,000yen / from 3pm to 11am(20H)
**Please kindly note that the number of all items is limited.

【Important notice】

(1)Entire building is non-smoking
If you smoke in the hotel, bring a cigarette butt into the guest room, or if there is evidence of smoking, we will charge a cleaning fee of 50,000 yen (tax included) and a business compensation fee of 45,000 yen (tax included) per day the room is closed.

(2)Please keep the noise down at night and early morning
Please keep the noise down between 10pm and 8am. Please be considerate of other customers and neighbors.

(3)Please be sure to contact us if you change the number of guests
Please refrain from staying with anyone other than guests from 10pm to 8am.
If you change the number of guests, please be sure to contact us.

We are supported by many customers for extraordinary experiences at TOE LIBRARY,
including music and fragrance.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

July 12th,2023